Argentina Tactics and Strategies

With the ability to stifle opponents defensively by putting high pressure on the ball, the Argentineans are always a difficult team to play against.

 Offensively, they can push the pace of the game quickly with crisp passes, dizzying their opponents with possession. They tend to cross the ball less (than say, Ireland); rather, they attack with intelligent passes combined with elite skill. Most players on the field at any given time are playmakers eager to make a difference in the game.

 If having a temper is a strategy, they use it effectively at times, while other times it turns into their own worst enemy. If they get down a goal, and things aren’t going their way, it usually takes one guy—say, Mascherano—to throw a temper tantrum,†(† Which varies in severity, depending, of course, on the circumstances.) berating the referee (sometimes multiple referees), and the rest will follow.

 Argentina will probably go with a 4-4-2 (however, they’ve previously used different variations). Though, from time to time strategy is thrown out the window, and they rely, instead, on good old-fashioned soccer know-how—an elegant “tactic” they were accused of in 2010 under the guidance of Maradona.

 Whether no strategy is a strategy or whether any such accusation is true, over time, Argentina has effectively gained two World Cups and a myriad of South American championships. As good as they are, with talent from wing to wing, this team’s approach, with a sound footing in soccer know-how, should be no different.

Despite their lackluster record in World Cup qualifications, at present, Argentina has too many talented players not to be a 10. However, a team deserving of a 10 theoretically should have had an easier time in qualifications. Also, team chemistry, injuries, and pressure-of-the-moment failures might keep them at a 9.4, but aside from that, they have a roster of 10.

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