Facts About Brazil in Football

Brazil, the land of soccer, is a very interesting place. It’s a large country, geographically and population-wise, with over 206 million people, and a GDP of about 1.5 trillion. The largest city is Sao Paulo with an estimated population of 12 million.

 Historically, Brazil has evidence of human activity likely dating back 11,000 years, as well as pottery found from around 6,000 BC. The Portuguese first established their presence in Brazil back in 1500 AD, only eight years after Christopher Columbus made his voyage across the Atlantic.

 The Lost City of Z, a book written by David Grann, explores the journey of Colonel Fawcett, a British explorer in the early 20th Century, who was mapping the area of Bolivia, Peru, and western Brazil, while also searching for a mythical lost city filled with gold.

 In today’s Brazil, many soccer players search for their own chest of “gold” by way of professional contracts. Brazilian players are highly favored around the world. Cafu is the Brazilian leader in caps, with 142. Pele is the leading scorer, with 77. Pele also has three World Cup titles to his name: 1958, 1962, and 1970.  Brazil is known for great food, including steaks and exotic pizza varieties. As World Cup Russia progresses, many people watching on TV will likely enjoy domestic beer, including Eisenbahn.

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